Single & Double Hung

Single-Hung Windows:

Single-hung windows are designed with a sliding mechanism that allows the bottom sash to move vertically while the top sash remains in a fixed position.

These windows feature a stationary upper sash paired with a lower sash that can be slid upward or downward to open or close the window. The bottom sash neatly overlaps the top sash, making it an efficient choice for ventilation without requiring additional space. 


  • Energy Efficiency
  • Perfect for Bedrooms
  • Classic Aesthetic

Double-Hung Windows:

Double-hung windows feature a unique design with two sashes that can be smoothly moved in an upward or downward direction.

These windows provide the convenience of raising and lowering without extending into the interior or exterior of your home. They require no extra space for operation, as the lower sash moves upward while the upper sash moves downward, facilitating airflow into the room. Additionally, both sashes can tilt inward, simplifying the cleaning process from inside the room. 


  • Easy to Clean
  • Work Best for Living and Dining Rooms
  • Offer the Best Ventilation

The Difference

The main difference between a single-hung and double-hung window is the amount of moving parts on each. A single-hung window only has one moving sash, while the double-hung window allows both the upper and lower sash to move vertically and tilt towards the interior of the home. Because of the added features, double-hung windows usually cost more and are usually available in larger sizes than single-hung windows. Both types of windows offer energy-efficient ventilation and a beautiful aesthetic for any home. 

Installation and Maintenance

  • Installation
    • Single-hung and double-hung windows offer a range of installation options and techniques. These window types are suitable for new construction homes as well as replacement or renovation projects. When installing your windows, it’s crucial to consider the seal that safeguards your home against wind and water infiltration. Proper shimming is essential to ensure an effective seal between the weatherstrip and the frame, enhancing your home’s protection.
  • Maintenance
    • Regular window cleaning offers numerous advantages. When it comes to cleaning windows from inside your home, the process is straightforward. Just apply a vinegar and water cleaning solution to the glass and wipe it clean with a microfiber or lint-free cloth. Ensure you wipe down the window frames, hardware, and surrounding trim with water for a comprehensive clean.

All double-hung windows come equipped with tilt-latches on both sashes. This means you can effortlessly clean the entire window’s exterior from the comfort of your home. Double-hung windows are particularly favored for upper-level locations, as they offer the convenience of cleaning both sides without the need to venture outside.

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